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QuickBooks Payroll for a remote workforce

Types of remote employees

With a global team, you may be wondering how to set up payroll for remote workers in your payroll system, especially when different states and countries have their own laws. The first step is to identify what type of employees you have. You’ll want to classify your remote employees based on their role, as well as where they live.

How to set up payroll for remote employees

Once you determine your employee classification, you’re one step closer to setting up payroll. Now it’s time to choose the right payroll method because you want to pay your employees correctly and follow all employment laws.

Pick the right payroll method

You can run your payroll through a service provider or do it manually. Here are the key differences:

  • Service provider: Many companies with in-house and remote employees often rely on payroll service providers. Payroll service providers, such as QuickBooks, can do the heavy lifting by giving employers tools to handle taxes and payroll at an affordable cost.

  • Manual: Businesses that don’t want to outsource their payroll can process it manually. In-house payroll keeps control in a company’s hands and allows them to take full ownership.

Take payroll off your plate with QuickBooks Online Payroll

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