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Social Media Bootcamp


Attention small business owners: it’s time to stop spreading yourself too thin by posting on every social media platform and simply wishing, hoping, and praying for your ideal clients to find you (with no real strategy)…

How to Create a Wildly Engaged Social Media Community

That Builds Trust and Sales



Your ‘people’ are in just a few specific places.


So marketing yourself on ALL the social networks?  It’s simply a waste of time.


Social Media Bootcamp is a 4-module course that will teach you the critical components you need to know to create a wildly-engaged social media following without burning out or spending every waking second of every day on your smartphone or tablet or laptop.

Module 1: Find Your Community and Grow With Ease

Inside module 1, you’ll learn how to choose the right platform(s) for your business based on your target market, so you can create a hungry, responsive community/communities where it matters most. (And give up everything else–thank goodness!)


  1. Learn about tools Social Media Experts use to stay on top of a changing industry

  2. Why and how to safely watch your competitors and their content

  3.  Gain invaluable insights into your ideal clients you can’t get anywhere else–including priceless “pain points”

  4. Learn the top five tools of highly-successful social media marketers

Module 2: Build Your Social Media Platform Where Your Ideal Client Is

This module will help you set up your chosen platforms for success right from the start–or rework the ones you already have for even better results.  We’ll focus on what’s working in social media today and how to both reach more of your ‘right people’ and retain a healthy, active community. Plus, you’ll get an insider’s look at the unique audience, strengths, and advantages of the most popular platforms.


  1. Why Facebook groups are immensely popular and powerful plus the 5 must ask questions to zero in on the right groups for you.

  2. Why Massive groups aren’t always the way to find leads.

  3. Best practices for creating your own Facebook group and attracting the people you want.

  4. Why a Facebook Business page is a vital tool plus how to optimize it.



  1. How making one little tweak on Instagram can increase your engagement by 12.6%


  1. Ways to launch or optimize a YouTube channel and take advantage of Google’s most-loved social platform–starting right now



  1. A little-known feature that can help you grow your following

Module 3: Plan Your Content

The strategies and tools in this module will help you create creative and targeted content that’s well-planned and well-received. Planning your content in advance is a must if you want to have a regular, consistent flow of posts showing up on each of your chosen platforms…without driving yourself crazy–and this module will show you how.

  1. What content performs best on which platforms.

  2. The most effective tools for planning and scheduling content.

  3. How to build a body of work that establishes your credibility.

  4. How to create content with a purpose.

  5. One simple technique that’ll rapidly increase your authority and reputation.

  6. How to “power up” your content without the spam

  7. Why you should never use social media apps as a substitute for real communication.

Module 4: Let’s Bring It All Together for Success

People do business with those they know, like, and trust. In module 4, we’ll dive deep into how to create a genuine, warm, and mutually beneficial relationship with your community–the natural way: one conversation, comment, and ‘reply-to’ at a time.

Facebook: How to create a fun 5-day challenge from start to finish–that hooks in a responsive audience with a specific, desirable goal–and how to keep the excitement (and engagement) going long after the last day


Instagram: Running an engagement-enhancing contest–including ALL the pros, cons, and must-knows


All Platforms:

  1. The one thing you should be (but probably aren’t) doing in your social posts!

  2. How to make your audience members feel genuinely loved and cared for–without burning out (or spending 24/7 responding to comments and messages)

  3. Why studying your favorite online gurus and mentors might be hurting your chances at social media success–and what to do instead

  4. Tools and techniques to help you identify your ‘social media leaks’ (aka the ‘posts’ that aren’t performing)–and how to fix them, fast


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