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Peruse my selection of digital products, all designed to help you improve your social media, email marketing, and online presence. 

I add content here regularly, so check back soon to see what's new!

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Done for You Graphics

Need Help Creating Content for Social Media?

Did you know that 50% of the content you share on social media should be exciting and entertaining to your audience? Social media is all about building relationships, so get things started with some fun posts that will get your audience commenting and engaging with you!


But who has the time to create original content all the time for social media?

Let me help with five themed social media graphics every month to use as-is or customize to match your business and your brand!


Get two months free when you buy an annual subscription!


5 Simple Ingredient to Email Marketing Success

Creating an effective email is easy, you just need a recipe! Learn how to create emails that stand out, get opened, and bring you more business. You'll gain a better understanding of how to create powerful emails and a cheat sheet to help when you create your next email.

In this 12-page e-book, you will learn:

  • Why Email is still the BEST tool to grow your business

  • The tools you need to succeed

  • How to look great in any inbox

  • How much content to include in your emails

  • How to communicate through your content


Cash Calendar: Your 12 Month Marketing and Profit Plan!

This 17-page workbook is the perfect tool to strategically map out your marketing and profit plan for the next 12 months so you'll never have to wonder which product to promote next! This is so important not only for promoting yourself on your own website and social media, but your networking organizations, social media groups, and any other opportunities that you have to promote your products or services. 

This planner will guide you through a series of eight exercises to help you put together your marketing and profit plan, including:

  • Reviewing Last Year

  • Setting Your Goals

  • Taking Inventory of Your Offerings

  • Scheduling Your Promotions

Social Media Posting Planner

Fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants social media marketing won't get you the consistent results you want. With this 28-page workbook, you can plan your effective social media posting strategy.

This workbook will guide you through a series of 11 exercises to help you put together your social media posting plan, including:

  • Why you need a plan

  • What social platforms should you be using for YOUR business

  • Creating an editorial calendar

  • Using Images

  • Automating the social media process

  • Repurposing existing content

Map Out Your Monthly Email Content Calendar in a Weekend!

The money is in your list, but successful email marketing requires careful planning and an honest desire to help your target audience solve their problems. With this 40-page workbook, you can plan your effective email marketing strategy.

This planner will help you organize your email content from start to finish. It will guide you through a series of 9 exercises, including:

  • Determining your ideal email schedule

  • Mapping out your promotions

  • Value ladder identification

  • Repurposing made easy

  • Leveraging your content template

  • Money Multiplier checklist

How to Add 100+ New Subscribers to Your List in 30 Days

Imagine if you could build your email list easily and quickly. You'd be able to start selling more and bringing in more income. That's what this workbook will help you to do. With this 31-page planner, you can start growing your email list today!

This workbook will walk you through strategies for adding new subscribers to your list in the next 30 days. It will guide you through a series of 8 email-building steps with a variety of exercises, including:

  • Creating your killer opt-in offer

  • Optimizing your website to collect email addresses

  • How to grow your list with webinars

  • Using social media to grow your list

Map Out Your Instagram Brand and Posts in a Weekend!

One of the hottest platforms is Instagram. With the ability to share photos, text, and even live videos, Instagram is visually appealing and attracts new people every day. If you aren’t on Instagram yet, you really need to be! Use this 33-page workbook to get a solid strategy in place to rock the 'Gram!

This workbook will guide you through a series of 9 steps, including:

  • Sync Up Your Instagram Presence with your Main Brand

  • Setting Your Instagram Goals

  • Plan for Reels that Dazzle

  • Creating Instagram Carousel Posts

  • Get Person with Instagram Stories

  • And more!

Create Your Engaging Facebook Content Posting Plan in a Weekend!

What’s the hardest part about marketing a business on Facebook? We’re willing to bet it’s coming up with things to say. Luckily, planning an engaging content-posting calendar doesn't have to be overwhelming! It can be done in a weekend!

This 31-page workbook will guide you through a series of seven steps, including:

  • Creating Your Ideal Client Avatar

  • Creating Irresistible and Engaging Facebook Content

  • How to Ethically Use Your Competitors for Inspiration

  • Developing a Content Creation Plan

  • And more!

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