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Rock the 'Gram


Don’t sleep on the power of Instagram for another month–or year!

It’s time to learn how to work the world’s favorite visual platform to attract clients and make sales.

Rock the Gram:  How to Use Instagram to Get Seen & Get Clients!


In this step-by-step course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about booking paying clients from Instagram–from putting together a polished, professional feed to exploding your engagement.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a well-branded feed that looks & feels like you and attracts clients, too

  • Write captions that captivate and inspire action–without giving up your unique personality or voice

  • Use Instagram’s unique features–including Stories and Reels–to create engaging content that turns browsers into buyers

  • Engage on Instagram the right way–and cultivate a genuine connection between you & your followers 

What exactly will you learn? Here’s a look at all the goods included in this 4 lesson, self-paced course…

Lesson 1: Create a Cohesive Feed That’s Irresistible to Ideal Clients

It’s no secret Instagram is a highly-visual platform, which means the first step is learning how to “look the part.” Lesson 1 will teach you how to brand yourself, put together a cohesive and fascinating-to-look-at feed and come up with a consistent IG strategy that breeds trust and eventually, sales. 

Lesson 1 will dig into…

  • The 6 areas you need to focus on to create a rock-solid & consistent Instagram presence–and a feed that people love to feast their eyes on.

  • The most crucial part of your Instagram strategy–this can TRULY make or break your success.

  • How to quickly & easily develop a recognizable, signature look & style–so people see your posts & already know they belong to you (and only you!)

  • The hottest image editing apps for achieving the look you’re after–plus a look at the ultimate Instagram feed “DONT’s”

  • Deciding what, when, and how to post content–so it always reaches the right audience, at the right time.

Lesson 2:  Turn Lukewarm Followers into Raving Fans with Action-Inspiring Content

While a fabulous feed can capture someone’s attention, captions are what will keep it–and keep them coming back. Lesson 2 will teach you how to whip up compelling captions so you can inspire action with your content & turn any eyeballs that land on your IG into actual paying clients.

Lesson 2 covers…

  • The “hottest” piece of real estate on your Instagram profile–and how to effectively optimize every inch of it so more people see your stuff. 

  • How to pack your posts with personality & your unique voice–and why that matters WAY more than you might think.

  • The one thing most entrepreneurs forget to put in their posts that makes their posts “flop” and their followers go radio-silent (just make this one NO-BRAINER tweak & watch your IG efforts explode!)

  • How to know exactly what to write in your captions so they’re crazy-fun for you & super valuable for your ideal clients.

Lesson 3: Draw in Dream Clients with Personality & Value-Packed Stories and Reels

Want your followers to feel more connected to you, quickly? Video is the way to go. Lesson 3 dives deep into Instagram’s in-app, video-based features–Stories and Reels–and covers everything from what they are to how to use them to bring in new leads & make sales every single day (even if you’re NOT a “video person”).

Lesson 3 digs into…

  • What Reels and Stories actually are–and why even “camera shy” business owners can thrive using them.

  • How to decide what to share to Stories and Reels –plus an insider’s look at how to create your own simple, sales-boosting strategy for these features.

  • The most compelling types of content you NEED to share on Stories to get seen and get clients–and what you definitely SHOULDN’T.

  • How to rock Reels right out of the gate–without creating crazy amounts of new content.

Lesson 4: Use Enticing Hashtags & Comments to Reach Thousands & Explode Your Engagement 

Congrats! You’re all set up on Instagram and creating killer content (even videos!). Now what? It’s time to increase your reach & engagement so people actually see the creative & inspiring stuff you’re putting out into the world. Lesson 4 will break down the most powerful Instagram engagement techniques and teach you exactly how to implement them in your own biz–including the oh-so-confusing game of hashtags. #YESPLEASE

In lesson 4, we’ll cover… 

  • The ONLY numbers you need to know to 10x the amount of eyeballs on your IG–including the perfect number of hashtags to include in your posts (and everywhere else!).

  • Why popular hashtags are a total engagement-killer–and how to effectively craft your own unique hashtag strategy that WORKS.

  • How to avoid the dreaded shadowban–and avoid looking spammy while using hashtags.

  • Other fun and overlooked ways to utilize hashtags beyond plopping them on your posts–(these techniques are GAME-CHANGERS!)

  • Why comments are basically Instagram gold–plus how to leverage your own for more exposure.

  • Exactly what to say in your comments and how to continue the conversation in a natural way –so you cultivate genuine connections with your audience!

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