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About Me

Tracey Lee Davis (She/Her)
Social media coach. Email marketing manager/consultant. Professional speaker.

I love helping small business owners become online marketing rockstars!

I’m an email marketing manager and social media expert with a unique background in animal-related fields. Before starting my own business, I got my degree in Wildlife Biology and Zoology. My whole world revolved around animals. I spent years working in various animal-related fields, including wildlife rehabilitation, shelter work, and dog training.

My journey into the world of marketing started when I was hired as the manager at a brand-new business in the pet care industry. While there, I wore all the hats and got to really understand the struggles of a small business. I developed a passion for supporting local businesses and helped to grow the company, eventually becoming their Director of Operations.

The company’s growth was supported by my learning to use email marketing and social media. The learning curve was steep at first, however, when the company acquired a competitor, I inherited their Constant Contact email account. This email platform elevated our marketing efforts and led to immediate results, with every email bringing in new business. This experience inspired me to learn more and become even better at what I do!

At the same time, I wanted to know more about using social media as a business tool. I immersed myself in seminars and training sessions to learn everything I could. My goal was to help small businesses find their voice in this new marketing landscape, which eventually led me to shift from pet care to coaching in social media and email marketing.

I take joy in helping people achieve business success by turning around aspects they may not enjoy, like marketing, and delivering outstanding results. I work with an eclectic set of clients, which keeps things exciting. 

I bring expertise and a fun approach to marketing, empowering clients to feel confident in reaching their target audience. And who knows? With my guidance, they may even come to enjoy marketing their business!

In my spare time, you can find me reading suspense thrillers or fantasy novels on my Kindle, catching the latest comic book movie with copious amounts of popcorn, discovering new places to eat delicious food with my besties, and pretending to know more about wine than whether it’s white or red. And I really, really love cheese.


I'm a wizard with Constant Contact's powerful tools! Since 2015, I have been a Certified Constant Contact Partner. I can make your ideas come to life. Whether you're looking for a full-service marketing expert or just need a little guidance to get started, I've got your back. My expertise is tailor-made to suit your unique needs, so let's work together and make some marketing magic!

I am a big believer in giving back to my community. I am a regular volunteer for SCORE where I teach marketing classes and workshops to small business owners. I’m also an avid supporter of pet adoption and have fostered many dogs (Great Danes are my favorite) and cats over the years.

As an extrovert, I love meeting new people. I speak at associations and professional groups whose members want to learn more about utilizing social media and email marketing in their businesses. Opportunities to engage with a large group of people energize me. Helping people fills me up, and delivering a talk or presentation is a more efficient way to do that. Providing a great little nugget of wisdom can be all it takes for a person to take the next step and move the needle in their business. That's why I believe speaking engagements are an excellent way to get to know me and build trust for future collaborations.

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