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Associations and professional groups hire me to deliver presentations on social media and email marketing for small businesses, both in-person and via webinars. Contact me to discuss your association's needs. Please read below about the various email, social media, and other online marketing topics on which I can present.


I look forward to speaking at your event!

Past Engagments Include:
ebay for Business
Santa Clara County Medical Association
82% micro business summit
Wineries of Santa Clara Valley
Polka Dot Powerhouse
San Leandro Chamber of Commerce
Santa Clara County Association of Realto
National Gift Basket Association
Pet Professional Guild
Academy for Dog Trainers
Rainbow Chamber of Silicon Valley
Women's Networking Alliance

Speaker Topics

I have a large library of topics on which I can speak for your company, association, or organization. Please plan for at least 1 hour for each topic. Please let me know if you need a shorter presentation, as I have a number of topics that I can cover in 20-30 minutes. Feel free to jump to the category of your choice:

Email Marketing

10 Strategies to Get Your First (or Next) 100 Subscribers

Sending successful email campaigns starts with a quality list of contacts who want to hear from your business or nonprofit organization. If you’re not sure how to start or need help getting your next 100 contacts, we’ve got you covered. In this webinar, you’ll gain tried and true tips, strategies, and simple actions you can take to grow your list.

How to Keep Customers Longer

You likely already know how important it is to focus on your existing customers to increase your profits. Even as you work hard to nurture your ideal customers, there are others that are leaving your business. The truth is that many companies across different industries struggle to retain those valuable existing customers. By understanding why customers leave your business in the first place and implementing the right communication strategy, you can keep customers longer. You can decrease the number of those leaving and increase the value they bring to you.

How to Segment Your List to Get Better Email Marketing Results

You may have heard that today’s consumers expect timely and relevant information from the businesses they choose to hear from. Segmentation is the first step toward sending that targeted, relevant content that gets results for your business Whether you’re not sure how to segment your list or you just want to learn more, we’ll share strategies and tips that help you segment your list to send more relevant information to your subscribers.

How to Write Effective Marketing Emails for Any Situation

Whether you’re writing a welcome email, event invitation, promotion, or an automated series, it can feel daunting to sit down and write your next email. You have a limited amount of time where you need to figure out what to write and how to write it so it drives results for your business. After all, your emails need to build relationships, inspire people, and encourage them to take action. That’s why in this one-hour session you’ll learn email writing tips that will save time and make your emails more effective.

Plan Your Email Marketing in 4 Easy Steps

When it comes to email marketing, figuring out what to write, how to get results, and finding the time to dedicate to it are all common struggles of small businesses. Most email marketing fails because there isn’t a plan. Spending a few minutes to plan your email marketing ahead of time, keeps you focused, motivated, and accountable. That’s why, in this one-hour webinar, I’ll show you how to put together a solid plan in 15 minutes or less.

Practical Uses for Email Automation

In order to be successful with your email marketing, you need to be able to send more timely and relevant emails in order to increase your email engagement and drive more sales or donations. This can seem daunting when you’re already pressed for time as it is. Stats show that 22% of small business owners say that having enough time to do everything is the biggest challenge. Automating your emails allows you to set it up and then forget about it. As long as you are using timeless content, you’ll only need to update it if something changes in your business. This really allows you to maximize the impact of your email marketing while saving yourself a ton of time.

Quick Simple Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Results

As a small business marketer, we know you’re busy. You spend time designing, writing content, and formatting your emails. It’s not enough to just send an email campaign and hope they open it. Open rate is just one small part in measuring your email marketing results. You need to get them to take an action - something that's going to directly help you reach your goals. Whether it's getting sales, increasing donations, or getting people to register for an event. So, how do you get more people to open your emails and take those actions you want them to take? That’s why I’ve put together a list of quick and simple tips you can implement to improve your email marketing results.

Sell More with an Engaging Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing should be the cornerstone of any online marketing strategy. Why? Because time and time again, email marketing proves to be one of the most effective marketing channels. Businesses that use email marketing to nurture and cultivate new and existing customers increase sales, plain and simple. The good news is that it’s easy to get started with email marketing no matter where you are with your business. Join me as I discuss fundamental tips for good email marketing, using segmentation and automation for better results, and getting to the next best level using data to increase sales.

The Power of the Inbox

Email marketing is and continues to be one of the most effective forms of digital marketing for a small business/ organization. In this session, we’ll reveal the latest best practices, industry trends and techniques to maximize success using this powerful digital tool. You will learn the benefits of email marketing, how to design, create, send and track your email’s success.

Uploading and Managing Contacts with Constant Contact

Join me to go in-depth into uploading and managing your contacts. Through a live demo in a Constant Contact account, we’re going to talk about the different options for uploading contacts into your Constant Contact account, how to manage your contacts, and how to maintain those lists in order to get the best results.

60 Ways to Grow Your List

Join me for "60 Ways to Grow Your List" webinar - you'll leave with ideas and strategies to capture new contacts, grow your list and take action to help move your business forward.Having an interested and qualified list of contacts, that you can stay top of mind with, is vital to every business. Continuing to grow that list is just as important. In this webinar, I will show you 60 easy ways to grow your contact list today!

Create and Send Your First Email Campaign in 15 Minutes or Less

Not sure how to get started with your first email campaign? Don’t worry, we’ll take you step-by-step through how to create and send your first email campaign with Constant Contact. By the end of this session you’ll know how to create an effective email campaign that looks great on any device and gets your subscribers to take action.

Social Media

Other Online Marketing

How to Plan your Social Media and Automate it with Ease

Ready to learn exactly what, when, and how to use social media to grow your audience and your bank balance–without needing to show up online every second of every day?

Social media can easily start to feel like its own full-time job. First, you have to create content that’s actually good. Then, you have to post the content and hope people actually see it. Then, you have to somehow ensure those posts provide enough value to help turn casual readers into clients and customers.

And repeat–from now until forever.

In this simple training, you’ll learn a step-by-step process for creating a killer content calendar and putting your social media posting on autopilot, so you can build your audience, spread your message and sell your offers with way more ease.

4 Simple Tweaks to 10x Your Reach on Instagram

The first thing to know about Instagram is this: While Instagram influencers are seemingly a dime a dozen these days, the truth is most people don’t become Insta-famous overnight.

That said, Instagram has proven it’s a powerful marketing tool with staying power. There are a whopping 1 billion Instagram users and the number continues to grow everyday.

No matter what you sell, it’s safe to say there are likely people on Instagram who might be interested in buying it.

If you have a flair for either images or writing or even speaking (Instagram continues to add video-based features!), you can potentially reach thousands of ideal clients on Instagram–if you know how to use it right.

Instagram adds new features regularly which can make the platform feel robust or complicated. But no matter how you choose to use it and how often, there are a few very simple tweaks you can make today that will explode your potential to reach new people.

5 Steps to Build an Engaged Audience on Social Media

Creating a super-engaged community on social media–a “space” of your own that’s brimming with ideal clients who like, share, comment and click like crazy–all starts and ends with attracting and interacting with the right people. But how do you find your right people? And once you do, how do you engage them in ways that make them excited to engage with you, too? Let me teach you exactly how to use the best free advertising tool on the planet to build a solid community of potential clients who clamor for your attention–without shelling out a penny (unless you want to!).

A Simple Recipe for Social Media Success

As a small business, social media is overwhelming and often feels like you’re just spinning your wheels. You have to figure out where to be, how to be engaging, and how to get results—all with a limited amount of time and resources. That’s why in this session we’ll provide a recipe for social media that saves time and gets results to grow your business. You’ll learn how to get started, choose the right social networks for your business, and a 15-minute social media plan.

Getting Started with Instagram

Are you asking: can Instagram really be harnessed for your business or nonprofit? Perhaps you’re not convinced that it works – or you are, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and are not sure how to get started marketing your business with Instagram. In this seminar and workshop, we’ll take a look at Instagram and discuss the benefits of using the platform, what kind of content to create, tips on using photos and videos, and examples of how other organizations are marketing with them. You’ll also get tips on how to use analytics tools to tell if your Instagram activity is working. After a short lecture, we will dive into the product and get started using Instagram for your business!

How to Manage Your Social Media with Constant Contact

As a small business, you may have heard that you need to be on social media in order to grow your business. However, the thought of which channels to be on and how to effectively engage people in order to get results can feel overwhelming. We know, as a small business, you don’t have a lot of time or resources to keep up. Social media marketing tools make it easy to manage, schedule content, and keep up with replies on your pages, saving you time and simplifying the process. In this session, I'll be looking at the available social media management tools Constant Contact has to offer in order to help you be successful with this part of your marketing plan.

The Power of Referrals and Getting Started on Alignable

Join me for a discussion on The Power of Referrals. Recognized as the best source for new customers, Word-of-mouth referrals are critical for small business success yet few business owners have a plan for just how to make them happen. We’ll discuss how to set yourself up for success, the ongoing investments you’ll make to keep referrals flowing, and how you can use Alignable to amplify all your efforts.

Social Media
Digital Trends 2023

We’re living in a smartphone world, and it’s clear that we must be prepared to further leverage how people communicate on this device as the new year progresses.

With mobile, you’ve got an amazing opportunity to reach customers regularly on a device they carry with them at all times.

You can win by enhancing the customer experience by using social, email, and text in concert to drive engagement and sales.

Unlock More Sales & Engagement with Text (SMS) Marketing

Adding text or SMS to your marketing strategy is a great way to send exclusive offers and information to your audience while communicating in the channels they prefer. In today’s society, most people keep their phones with them everywhere. When you reach out via text message, you can get your message to your clients nearly instantly. But that’s not the only benefit to this type of marketing.

In this free webinar, learn how to unlock sales and engagement with SMS and learn a bit about Constant Contact's SMS marketing tool!

Start Selling Online with Shoppable Landing Pages

Whether you’re selling a physical product, a digital download, or services it can seem daunting to take a leap to sell and collect payments online. But you can start selling online more easily than you think. In this one-hour webinar, I’ll show you how you can use your Constant Contact tools to quickly create shoppable landing pages to sell goods and services, monitor the performance of your landing pages, and promote your landing page to get more sales.

Appreciating Your Business & Your Customers

Small business owners are very busy and rarely have time to reflect on the work they’ve done, the customers they’ve helped and to plan a strategy moving forward. This seminar will discuss ways to show appreciation for existing customers, how to utilize these relationships to attract new customers, and how to evaluate what’s important to you and your business.

Get Your Local Biz on Google Search & Maps

Showing up when customers are searching online is more important than ever. Ensure customers can find accurate, updated information about your local business on Google Search and Google Maps, no matter which device they use. In this workshop, you will learn how to create and manage a Google Business Profile from start to finish.

Harness the Power of Listings & Reviews

No matter what type of business or organization you have, listing and review sites play an important role in getting found online, generating awareness, and helping people determine whether or not they want to choose your business. It’s not enough to just set up a few listing and review sites. It’s important to know how to use these sites in a way that’s going to generate business and make potential buyers want to learn more. That’s why in this we will discuss how to get started, where to be, how to optimize your profiles, how to encourage people to leave reviews, and how to maintain your listing and review pages over time.

How to Drive Online Marketing Results with Constant Contact

Managing your online marketing efforts can feel cumbersome if you have to jump between multiple tools and channels. But what if you could simplify the process and get real results for your small business? Join me to see how Constant Contact makes it easy to inform and engage your audience, grow, and drive new business - with all the marketing tools you need in one place. From email to automation, websites, social, integrations with other tools you’re using, and more. In this one-hour presentation, you’ll get an overview of the tools that Constant Contact offers and see how you can drive results with online marketing.

Making Sense of Online Marketing: A Simple Checklist for Success

The idea of getting your business online can often feel scary and even confusing. With so many moving parts, figuring out what to do and how to do it presents a unique challenge for time-starved small business owners. Don’t worry, once you understand how it all works together you can stop wasting time and focus on the things that actually benefit your business If you’re just getting started with online marketing or not seeing the results you’ve hoped for...this session is for you. You’ll learn the foundational elements that will help you get the word out about your business and you won’t need a marketing degree to do it!

Holiday Marketing

Get Your Elf Ready for the Shelf: A Guide to Planning Your Holiday Marketing

Now’s the time to do a little planning for your online marketing so that you can drive more sales and donations through the holidays and beyond.

With a little planning now, you can get your holiday elf ready for the shelf so you can stay on track with your marketing and get in front of more people this season.

Last-Minute Holiday Email Marketing Ideas

Do you know what emails you plan on sending to your subscribers this holiday season? Whether you want to drive online sales, boost year-end donations, or get shoppers into your store this holiday season, email marketing can help. During this session, you'll learn last-minute holiday email ideas, time saving tips to creating an effective holiday email, how to put together a quick and easy promotional plan, and more!

6 Tips for Winning Holiday Season

With the holidays accounting for such a large portion of your sales, it’s important to be prepared to capture your customer’s attention and those crucial year-end sales. However, there are a lot of holiday promotions out there and it can be difficult to get your customer’s attention. During this one-hour webinar, I’ll provide you with tips and actionable steps to stand out from the crowd with a holiday marketing plan that leverages the channels that matter most to your business.

A Simple Online Marketing Plan for Holiday Marketing Success

The holidays are the biggest spending season of the year — are you prepared to claim your piece of the pie? With all of the holiday promotions out there, it can be difficult to get your audience’s attention. During this presentation, I’ll guide you through planning your online marketing strategy this holiday season. I’ll provide tips and ideas for leveraging the online channels that matter to your business.

Nonprofit Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends for Non-profits

In a world dominated by smartphones, it's evident that non-profits need to adapt and harness the power of mobile communication as we move forward into the new year.

Mobile devices offer a remarkable chance to connect with supporters consistently, as they carry these devices with them everywhere. By integrating social media, email, and text messaging, non-profits can elevate the supporter experience, fostering engagement and support for your cause. Join us to discover how your organization can thrive by utilizing these mobile strategies to drive meaningful impact and outreach in the non-profit sector.

Making Sense of Online Marketing for NPOs

The idea of getting your nonprofit online can often feel scary and even confusing. With so many moving parts, figuring out what to do and how to do it presents a unique challenge for time-starved staff and volunteers. Don’t worry, once you understand how it all works together you can stop wasting time and focus on the things that actually benefit your organization. If you’re just getting started with online marketing or not seeing the results you’ve hoped for...this session is for you. You’ll learn the foundational elements that will help you get the word out about your nonprofit and you won’t need a marketing degree to do it!

How to Drive Online Marketing Results with Constant Contact for Nonprofits

Managing your online marketing efforts and raising funds online can feel cumbersome if you have to jump between multiple tools and channels. But what if you could simplify the process and get real results for your nonprofit organization? Join me to see how Constant Contact makes it easy to inform and engage community members, grow, and drive fundraising efforts - with all the marketing tools you need in one place. From email to automation, websites, social, integrations with other tools you’re using, and more. Get an overview of the tools that Constant Contact offers and see how you can drive results with online marketing.

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