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Tracey Lee Davis of ZingPop Social Media Named a SocialBee Official Ambassador

When marketing experts come together, businesses and professionals gain the upper hand in marketing their businesses.

[San Jose, CA, USA, 10/20/2022]. Tracey Lee Davis of ZingPop Social Media, an expert in digital marketing for small businesses, has recently been recognized as an Ambassador by SocialBee, a social media management tool known for its high usability and attentive customer support.

Since becoming a SocialBee partner, Davis has consistently dedicated time and energy to exploring the many solutions that SocialBee’s social media management tool offers.

This effort was and still is for the benefit of numerous clients who need an easy-to-use social media scheduling platform that will guarantee a consistent online presence. And in what better way to overcome the demands of social media if not by making posting on social platforms easy?

The partnership between ZingPop Social Media and SocialBee brings forward an overarching approach to social media marketing and management for businesses of all sizes.

"In 2019, I was on the hunt for a new social media management tool," said Davis. "Finding SocialBee was such a boon for me, as it had all of the features I had been looking for and was very affordable. I quickly realized that this was a tool that I would happily recommend to my clients who also needed a cost-effective, robust, and flexible platform for managing their social media. I have also been so impressed with the level of communication and customer support that SocialBee offers from live human beings. I am very happy to be a SocialBee Ambassador!"

About ZingPop Social Media

Tracey Lee Davis, founder of ZingPop Social Media, turns busy small business owners into online marketing rockstars! A social media expert and Certified Partner for Constant Contact, she coaches entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses using social media. She provides total management for their email marketing campaigns. Tracey Lee is also a featured speaker for associations and business groups. She is a 2022 Silicon Valley Woman of Influence, Alignable’s 2022 Local Businessperson of the Year for San Jose, a Top 25 U.S. Business Mentor of 2021, a Certified Content Marketing Strategist, and the Co-Owner and Vice President of the Women’s Networking Alliance. She also really, really loves cheese.

About SocialBee

SocialBee is an all-in-one management platform that focuses on streamlining the create-schedule-publish-analyze process of posting on social media.

The dashboard view inside SocialBee’s social media management tool.

Marketing on social media can take up too much time, and business owners, freelancers, marketers, and many other professionals need to automate part of the process.

SocialBee’s aim is to create a stressless experience for anyone planning and executing social media campaigns. The tool can save up to 8 hours per week on scheduling and publishing. And thanks to the platform's functionalities, content creation becomes less of a problem.


Looking for a new social media management tool? Try SocialBee!

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