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Leveraging Automation to Grow Your Business

In today’s entrepreneurial environment, if you are doing everything yourself, you are doing too much. Self-employed professionals are saving time and money with business automation. You can be a business of one and offload time-consuming tasks to technology. I'd like to introduce you to PocketSuite, an app that helps small business owners run bookings, payments, and even text marketing with smart automations. Here are their top 3 recommended places to start thinking about business automation.


If you are going back and forth on email or text to book clients, you are wasting time and money. PocketSuite’s data shows that a difficult booking process will discourage clients from booking you.

Luckily there are great ways to automate bookings and both save you time and increase your bookings. First, you can create an updated calendar and let clients book you automatically online through a link. Even better, you can set up automatic text reminders so your clients remember to show up. And the best part, all of that can happen without you lifting a finger with the right technology and an updated calendar.


New clients are wonderful and they take a little extra time. With the right technology, you can make sure you handle every new client with the attention to detail you need without spending extra time. With automated forms and contracts, new clients can be prompted to sign a contract and answer a few questions the first time they book you. A contract both protects you from legal risk and makes you look more professional. Asking questions in an automated form means you will have the notes you need about your first session with this client including any special concerns you ask about.


Today’s business environment favors seamless payment experiences. You can order lunch to your door with the click of a button and a ride to the airport the same way. It’s important to set up payment options that are easy for your clients to keep coming back. Some options include subscriptions, where a client commits to monthly service and automated payments, packages where clients buy multiple sessions at once, and keeping a credit card on file that automatically runs after a client comes in for a session.

Want to make your business run smoother? Run your entire business with one app. Try PocketSuite today for free!

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