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Tips and Resources to Help Your Small Business Succeed

As a small business owner, you get to be your own boss. While this gives you loads of freedom, it also means you're responsible for every aspect of your business' success. From admin to human resources, IT, and marketing—it all starts with you. Feeling overwhelmed? Don't stress! This resource guide helps novice entrepreneurs get off on the right foot.

Handle the Administrative Components of Business Foundation ASAP

A great idea alone isn't enough to start a business. There are some logistical hurdles you'll have to address.

  • Understand your competition in the marketplace by conducting a competitor analysis.

  • Register your company as a formal business entity, like an LLC or a sole proprietorship. Research the structures to determine which one is best for you.

  • Firm up the details of your business’s organizational structure in a business plan. This guide can help you write one.

  • Look into different ways to get the funding you need to get your business off the ground, from angel investors to bank loans.

Invest in Technology to Support Long-Term Growth

Putting cash towards cutting-edge tools can improve operational efficiency and save money in the long term.

  • Nurture a collaborative team spirit by giving your employees user-friendly collaboration tools to foster teamwork.

  • Rely on project management software to keep everyone up-to-date regarding project deliverables and deadlines.

  • Look to automation tools to eliminate mundane tasks from employees' workloads, freeing up their time for more complex duties.

  • Get an omnichannel customer service tool that you can use to manage and reply to customer queries and complaints promptly, ensuring satisfaction.

Make Marketing a Top Priority

Marketing is the key to boosting your brand profile and gaining customers. Without customers, you wouldn't have a business.

  • Build a strong and unique brand to stand out from other companies in your field.

  • Your website is the cornerstone of your business' online marketing. Look to top-quality business websites that got it right for inspiration.

  • Use social media marketing for a cost-efficient means of reaching more consumers.

  • Implement email marketing to nurture a loyal customer base.

From the type of business structure you choose to the technology you invest in, your decisions as a business owner impact your success. It's important to do your research when making these choices. Trust the resources above to guide you down the right path. Have more questions? Book a complimentary Discovery Call and let's talk!


Tracey Lee Davis, founder of ZingPop Social Media, turns busy small business owners into online marketing rockstars! A social media expert and Certified Solution Provider for Constant Contact, she coaches entrepreneurs in how to grow their business using social media and provides total management for their email marketing campaigns. Tracey Lee is also a featured speaker for associations and business groups. She is Alignable's 2021 Local Business Person of the Year for San Jose, a Certified Content Marketing Strategist, and the Co-Owner and Vice President of the Women’s Networking Alliance. She also really, really loves cheese.

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