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Key Marketing Positions to Consider Hiring Out to Grow Your Business

In most types of business, sales and marketing go hand in hand. Companies that don’t invest in improving their marketing plan typically don’t improve their sales significantly. Even though marketing now appears in different forms than it did 50 years ago, the logic remains the same: People need to know about your company, and they need to want what you’re offering.

The good news about marketing today is that you can often pay off any upfront investment it requires in no time. The most challenging part is knowing how to develop a marketing strategy that helps you reach your goals. Rather than spending time trying to learn how to do this on your own, hiring marketing professionals from the outside can help your company grow while you focus on the things you do best.

Using job boards, temp agencies, and your personal network, here are a few positions to consider hiring out.

Event Staffing

If your company puts on events, you know how much time goes into preparing and carrying out those events. Oftentimes, employees have to put in overtime to make the event a success. One way to avoid employee burnout and maximize efficiency is to hire temporary workers to handle some of the tasks that come with events. Whether it’s registering guests, greeting customers, handling security, or serving drinks, consider filling the roles with temporary event staff.

Email Marketing

While social media gets tons of attention these days, email marketing is far from dead. An email marketing professional can help you retain your current customers and attract new ones. The right person will understand how to effectively communicate with your audience and also how to track each campaign’s success.

Content Creation

Technology has opened a lot of doors when it comes to marketing, but it has also raised the bar for companies who want to stand out. As Bill Gates famously said: “Content is king.” Digital content in particular drives the marketing efforts of companies on the web. Some of the most effective forms of content for marketing purposes include blog posts, videos, and memes.

You may be able to create content yourself to post on your website and social media pages, but hiring a professional content creator for certain projects can increase your chances of getting high-quality content to promote your brand.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook currently has 2.41 billion monthly active users, which by far makes it the largest social network in the world. It also offers an advertising service called Facebook Ads, and you can imagine how powerful of a marketing tool that can be when used strategically. The service allows you to target your audience by various categories, such as age, relationship status, interests, and location.

Bringing on an advertising specialist with expertise in Facebook Ads can expand your customer base and increase your sales exponentially. Before you hire a candidate, make sure they are well-versed in Facebook pixels; that way, you can get the best results through conversion and retargeting.

If your business needs to take its sales and marketing to the next level, you should think about hiring professionals from outside of your company. Be sure to utilize job boards, temp agencies, and your personal network to find qualified candidates. Atop your list of positions to fill should be event staff, social media marketer, content creator, and Facebook marketer. Remember that the investment you put in up front can yield invaluable results.


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