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Lyme Disease

I have had Lyme Disease since July 2014. Finding the right support has been a rough road. I've had many people ask me for suggestions on their own Lyme Journey, so I'm compiling various resources here. This is a work in progress and NOT a substitute for working with qualified professionals. I am not a medical professional. However, I hope these resources that have helped me can also help you. 

Along with Lyme Disease, I also had coinfections of Babesia and Bartonella. To my knowledge, the coinfections have resolved themselves through my various treatments. I still deal with Lyme Disease, however. 

Service Providers

I would NOT have made the recovery I have without the help of many qualified people.


The most important thing to do is find a Lyme Literate MD (LLMD) as soon as possible.

I worked with Pacific Frontier Medical

Concurrently, I was also working with a Functional Nutritionist, and she has made the BIGGEST difference in my life! I read the two books listed below and then worked with Ellen to put together a plan. Since starting that supplement protocol, I turned a major corner that has made all the difference for me. Ellen works with people all over the country, and she is well-versed in Lyme Disease! Ellen Lovelace of A Balanced Table is a core part of my wellness team! You can even get a free 15-minute consult with her to see if she's a good fit: 

I started seeing an acupuncturist to help with my insomnia. I started experiencing results from my treatments almost immediately. I worked with Dr. Erin Harnett, Wellness in the Bay: She is incredibly skilled and very caring. 

Lyme bodies need a lot of TLC, and massage is a wonderful way to help. I highly recommend Liz Di Giulio of MyoMotive Body Therapy:

Books and Videos

Along with listening to and learning from qualified professionals, it is also important to educate yourself. These are some resources that I found incredibly helpful.

Healing Lyme.jpg

I used this book to work with my Functional Nutritionist to put together a supplement protocol that REALLY made a difference in how I feel.


This book really helped me to understand Lyme Disease. It's no longer being printed, unfortunately. But it is worth the effort to find it used. 

Under Our Skin

This documentary was terrifying to watch as a newly diagnosed LD patient. But it is definitely something you should watch. Maybe ask someone to watch with you. 

Sleep Support

I have major issues sleeping now, and these are the things that I have found help me get better quality and more quantity of sleep. 

  • A "fat bomb" a little before bedtime, like a spoonful of coconut butter.

  • Natural Calm, a little before bedtime

  • With that, some taurine.

  • A weighted blanket (I LOVE mine).

  • No screen time for at least an hour before bed (no computer, phone, tablet, etc... this makes a BIG difference for me) and blue-blocking glasses when I look at screens throughout the day.

  • I use a white noise machine.

  • I have blackout blinds.

  • I use the Calm app to meditate before bed.

  • Get your adrenals checked. My functional nutritionist has profoundly impacted my life with my Lyme. She's helped me get my other systems functioning properly so they can all work harder to combat the Lyme.


I am sure it won't surprise you to learn that taking care of a Lyme body requires fueling it with healthy food. Lyme causes inflammation in our bodies, so reducing inflammation is key. For me, that means no gluten. Here is what I recommend!


Here are some organizations that can also help you learn more about Lyme Disease.

Social Media and Other Stuff

Here are some more resources that can also help you learn more about Lyme Disease.

Please note that this page contains some affiliate links, meaning that I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

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