Tracey Lee Davis, Owner of ZingPop Socia
Tracey Lee Davis, Owner of ZingPop Socia


I am a huge Sharks fan! I got to go on an amazing behind the scenes tour of the Shark Tank and even got to meet Dan Rusanowsky!

I really, really love cheese.
I really, really love cheese.

Tracey Lee Davis, Owner of ZingPop Socia
Tracey Lee Davis, Owner of ZingPop Socia


About Me

Tracey Lee Davis
Social media coach. Email marketing manager/consultant. Professional speaker.

My passion is turning small business owners into online marketing rockstars!

How, you may ask, did someone with a degree in Wildlife Biology and Zoology end up an online marketing expert?

My journey started when I joined a small business in the pet care industry as a manager. That’s when I developed an appreciation of small, local businesses and became a firm believer in supporting them. I helped grow the business and became their Director of Operations.

My job required that I learn about email marketing.  As I began to see results of our email campaigns, I realized what a powerful tool email marketing can be.

About the same time, social media exploded onto the scene, and I was hooked! While I could see the value for small businesses, I didn’t have the slightest idea how to go about it. So I dived in. I started attending seminars and training sessions to absorb all I could. I wanted to help small businesses have a relevant voice in the social media conversation.  That led me to pivot from pet care to social media coaching and email marketing.

"Tracey's ability to translate social media into actionable steps and coach others on how to implement them in a very short period of time is unparalleled” – Wendy R., via Yelp

Certified Constant Contact Partner

As I did with social media, I immersed myself in learning about email marketing tools and best practices, and I earned a certification with Constant Contact. I continue to stay on top of the trends to best serve my clients.

Knowing how to leverage the platform’s powerful tools enables me to help clients put their ideas into motion using a holistic marketing approach. Whether you’re looking for a full-service marketing expert or need guidance getting started, I can provide the advice and expertise that’s anything but one-size-fits-all.

I love that I’ve come full circle—now I’m offering the classes that got me into online marketing in the first place!

"She is keenly aware of what is effective e-mail marketing and the best way to deliver our message to maximize results." Amy B., via YELP

Women’s Networking Alliance – Co-owner, Vice President

In 2013, I joined forces with The Women’s Networking Alliance, an organization dedicated to relationship-based networking. In 2016 I took on a leadership role and two years later I became a co-owner. I have helped to grow the business from 6 chapters to 13 (and counting) in the South Bay, Bay Area and Greater Phoenix area. We look forward to continued growth as more women entrepreneurs discover the benefits of building their business through this powerful strategy.

Speaking Engagements

I often address associations and professional groups whose members want to learn more about social media and email marketing. I am available for both in-person presentations (when permitted) and via webinars.  See a list of topics here.

Giving Back

I love to support the community and to that end I volunteer at SCORE every month, teaching classes to small business owners. An animal lover (especially dogs, Great Dane is my favorite breed), I have fostered many dogs and cats over the years.

On a personal note…

When I’m not playing on the internet or presenting to small business owners, you can find me reading suspense thrillers or sci-fi novels on my Kindle, catching the latest comic book movie with copious amounts of popcorn, and pretending to know more about wine than whether it’s white or red. And oh, I really, really love cheese. Especially Brillat-Savarin.